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μPhase® compact interferometer

μPhase® systems are the best choice optical measuring instruments for testing coated and uncoated surfaces with optical or precision mechanical quality made of glass, metall, ceramic or plastic, but they are also able to measure whole optical systems. The compact Twyman-Green interferometers are qualified for production control and quality management as well as for complex measurement tasks in research and development. Thanks to its flexible configuration the μPhase® can also be used as Fizeau interferometer.

Generic Package

With our μShape™ Generic Package we offer a simple and cost-efficient solution for upgrading your interferometer. The Generic Package is available in four different versions (see also Generic Package Flyer). The base package consists of a license of the reliable μShape™ Professional software, a framegrabber and a control unit for a piezo phase shifter. The package fits for most self constructed or commercial interferometers. For interfacing interferometers without a phase shifter (for example a fiber interferometer) we offer the Generic Package with the FastFringe version of our software which works with static fringe analysis. Furthermore there are versions for evaluating saved bitmaps (without hardware) or for working with shearing interferometers.

Software development for (optical) metrology

Nowadays hardly any technical appliance works without software. All the more important are, beside functionality and failure-free operation, quickly comprehensible and easy to use programs. We hold the necessary know-how and have an ear for our users to create really user friendly software. Our main reference is the μShape™ interferometry software package which is available in several versions with a load of add-on modules.

Custom software solutions

Based on our long year experience and a close contact to our customers we are able to react flexible on different customers needs. Our software products are continously maintained and adapted to our customers requirements and updated for the current hardware and software requirements. According to the customer requirements we offer extensions of existing functions, customer specific adaptions or new standalone applications for other optical measurement devices or metrology concepts. For example a stitching method for large spheres.

Metrology Solutions and Consulting

You have a metrological problem? Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you in your case. With our competence in the fields of image processing, algorithms, optical components and metrology and system integration we will find the the best solution together. An example for such a solution is the integration of a μPhase® 2 in an ultra precision lathe.

Metrology Lab

Our well equipped air-conditioned laboratory offers the possibilities for a wide range of interferometric analyses. In addition to commercially available µPhase® interferometers, we also have some extremely flexible interferometers designed and built by ourselves. Comprehensive optomechanical laboratory equipment allows us to develop and test new metrology methods and enables us to perform conventional test tasks.