Interferometer Software


With the freely configurable µShape software in the current version 8, µPhase® is ideally equipped for use in both production as well as research and development. The software controls the measurement, provides comprehensive options for analysis and offers full documentation. Measurement templates provide maximum transparency about the measurement process and permit the quick documentation of test results.

The clearly structured, menu-based user interface of µShape always complies with the comprehensive use of µPhase® and can be expanded in many different ways via the available modules. These modules can be added at any time, even after purchasing the µPhase® system.

The µShape software was developed primarily for µPhase® operation but can also be used for operating laboratory and workshop interferometers from other manufacturers. The development of customized functions is possible.


  • Various access levels allow user-specific access options, from the administrator to the production user
  • Comprehensive, context-specific direct help
  • Easy to use and less training needed for users due to easily configurable templates for any type of measurement task and analysis
  • Comfortable reanalysis option of saved measurements without re-measuring
  • Easy storage of graphics in various graphics formats (bmp, jpg, etc.)
  • Fast data export of single parameters or selected data fields as text files, binary files or other commonly used file formats (e.g. QED, Zygo XYZ, DigitalSurf, INT) for external processing
  • MetroPro compatible file format extended with sample parameters from the task description
  • An additional 2-dimensional polynomial fit
  • The measurement report provides a comprehensive presentation of results and can be configured in a variety of ways, including customer logos
  • Clearly structured presentation of the program modes by separate visualization of calibration and measurement processes
  • Comprehensive presentation of measurement parameters as measured values, in graphic 2D or 3D or freely selectable sectional graphics (1D) including integrated live camera images
  • Fast measurement of repetitive parts by storing all parameters and settings including the window size and position, with sample files in a µShape™ program file
  • Flexible and custom screen display that adapts to any monitor size
  • Live image: display on 2nd screen as an additional window
  • Always the latest technology through continuous development and regular updates – on request or as a software flat rate
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10 (64-bit and 32-bit systems)