Interferometer for measurements of the surface and wavefront deformation

µPhase® interferometers permit fast, high-precision measurements of the surface and wavefront deformation of reflective and transmitting components made from glass, plastics, metal, ceramics or similar materials. The objective and reliable results fulfill the highest quality management requirements. The non-contact measurement process helps prevent damage to the sample.

µPhase® interferometers are very compact, small and lightweight digital devices that can be used in almost any work environment. With support from the µShape software, extensive measurement analyses can be performed.
The µPhase® sensor is the basis for interferometry measurements at TRIOPTICS. The sensor is modular and can be configured with various measurement diameters and stands for specific measurement tasks. In addition, customized solutions can be offered at low cost.



  • Measurement of flat, spherical, cylindrical, toric and aspherical surfaces in reflection
  • Measurement of the absolute radius of spherical, toric and aspherical lenses
  • Testing of adaptive mirrors
  • Measurement of wavefront deformation of transparent samples
  • Measurement of contact lenses and forming tools
  • Quick offline or online measurement of the tool offset of ultra-precision diamond lathes after tool changes
  • Testing of numerous high-precision, non-optical components
  • Automotive applications
  • Medical applications

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