µPhase® Upgrades & Accessories


  • Replacement of the µPhase® sensor from µPhase®1 to µPhase®3.3 for a camera resolution increase from 608 x 608 pixels to 1216 x 1216 pixels
  • Horizontal or vertical stands
    The basic µPhase® units and flat lenses have a bayonet connection that permits quick and easy changes between various system structures.
  • Flat and spherical calibration surfaces with various diameters
    • Uncoated
    • Mirrored
  • License for offline analysis and documentation at office workstations without direct access to µPhase® hardware


µPhase® 3 XL with different wavelengths

The proven and highly integrated phase-shifting interferometer µPhase® 3 XL is modified to use with various wavelengths:

  • supports blue, green and deep red light sources
    • currently 405, 532 and 1064nm, other wavelengths on request
    • standard version @ 633nm
  • reflectivity adaption and object-plane focusing ability for all wavelengths
  • same mechanical dimensions and interfaces of the sensor for all wavelength



  • µLensesµLens SPHERO 10 f/0,7
  • µLens SPHERO 10 f/1
  • µLens SPHERO 10 f/1,5
  • µLens SPHERO 10 f/3
  • µLens SPHERO 10 f/5,2
  • µLens SPHERO 50 f/0,7
  • µLens SPHERO 50 f/1
  • µLens SPHERO 50 f/1,5
  • µLens SPHERO 50 f/2,4
  • µLens SPHERO 50 f/4,1


µLens SPHERO Objective in combination with µLens SPHERO 10

µLens SPHERO Objective in in combination with µLens SPHERO 50