September 2020: TRIOPTICS GmbH and Jenoptik AG
TRIOPTICS becomes part of the JENOPTIK Group and is gradually integrated into the Group

2019: We bring more color into play again!
TRIOPTICS Berlin delivers again μPhase 3 interferometer systems in other wavelengths different from 632,8nm. At the end of September two of these μPhase 3 measuring systems with a wavelength of 532nm were delivered to a big well-known optics development and production company and successfully put into operation. The challenge with this project was to develop a new product and bring it to market within one year. Further inquiries regarding other wavelengths, such as 1064nm, are already available and will be realized starting 2020. Please contact our customer service for more information.

2018: With wide steps into the new year!
As every year the end is coming fast and surprisingly. At the end of 2017 you have kept us busy with a great number of orders and also the new year starts rapidly. We are planning some extensions of our product portfolio and continue to be available for all your questions. Contact us or visit us at one of the numerous trade shows. More information you can find under Meet us.

Spring 2017:
Slowly the nature awakes from hibernation and prettify itself. We also improve our automatic stand in design and function. Using a motorized tray, now a fully automated measurement of surface and radii of a batch of samples in one run is possible and saves time. You can find more information in the application report or you visit our booth at LASER show in Munich end of June.

May 2016: April showers bring may flowers
The modernization of the µPhase® is about to be finished, and the new software version µShape™ 7.0 was released end of April. Further information are summarized in a short flyer. More and more orders are coming in and the work is on full blast in all areas especially in the assembly. Therefore we are looking for some reinforcement for our team. You can find more information under Stellenanzeige.

2016: New Year, new tasks
After an exciting 2015 with a lot of innovations for our employees, this year the focus should be on our customers. Before the start of second half of the year we will present changes at the µPhase® (key word USB 3.0) and the software as well (proven functions and stability with a modern user interface). Visit us at our fair appearances to see for yourself. For further information see Meet us.

Autumn 2015: Done!
The project “µPhase – made in Berlin” is now realized! The assembly rooms are wholly relocated in Berlin equiped with a flow box so now we can provide conditions similar to a cleanroom. Already the first µPhase interferometers and stands were assembled completely in Berlin. Of course there are still a few things to do like some reorganisations an improvments in operational procedures, but it also shall be time for something new.

March 2015: New tasks, new colleagues, new rooms
The preparations for the „µPhase – made in Berlin“ gain speed: new colleagues are joining the team, new suppliers expand our logistic network and we feed our ERP system with new data daily. Let’s hope that the craftsmen manage to have the new rooms ready by beginning of April when we start the µPhase assembly. We will keep you informed…

December 2014: Sold out
Don’t worry – we are not going to close! But a lot of orders of our appreciated customers have emptied our storage. Thanks again to all of you. Even our new demo room looks a little bit vacant now. On the other hand we can note record sales in the last year – the highest ones in 17 years company history. This is very incentive for the new year to produce again faster than we sell.

Autumn 2014: We bring together what belongs together
We started with software development. Later there were some projects and invividual customer contacts. With the transfer of the sales and distribution in 2013 we also took over the complete customer support. And now we are working on the next level of expansion: in the future all of the µPhase® products will be assembled in Berlin. From spring 2015 the popular compact interferometer will completely be “Made in Berlin”. There is still some hard work to do but we will be your one-stop supplier for interferometry and services then.

Summer 2014: Stitching made simple
In close cooperation with OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH we combined our stitching software with precision optical machinery. The product is a stitching interferometer for measuring the whole topography of big spheres and plane surfaces. OptoTechs experience in micro positioning and our metrology know how allow a full automated measurement without manual re-adjustment. Simply put in the sample parameters, adjust the sample once, close the door and lean back. If you want to grab a coffee before the result is ready you have to hurry.

Spring 2014: This year will be exciting!
The transfer of the responsibility for the interferometry products to Berlin kept us quite busy the last half year. First of all we would like to say thank you to all of our customers and suppliers for the support and patience during these turbulent times.
Now the new processes are established and we have again more time for the further development of our products. We have planned a lot for this year: There will be the new µPhase® PRO – a new cost-effective interferometer for production use. In addition we are working on more flexible stands for the µPhase® systems and we will expand our range of accessories for example with a 150mm objective lens for flats. Of course we will also continue to improving the µShape™ interferometry software and add new applications like stitching measurements and solutions for automation.
Get ready!

Trioptics Berlin
Started in spring 1998 as FISBA OPTIK GmbH, we have been part of the TRIOPTICS Group since fall 2010. In the summer of 2013, we completely transferred the responsibility for the interferometry product group to Berlin, so that hardware and software can now be offered from a single source.