Responsible for the privacy policy according to the EU data protection regulation is:


Your Rights

Using our contact data you have the following rights anytime:

  • Information about your personal data that is stored by us and how we handle it,
  • Correction of any incorrect personal data,
  • Deletion of all your personal data that is stored by us,
  • Constrain data handling (in case we must not delete your data due to legal provision),
  • Opposition to data handling of your personal data by us and
  • Transferability of personal data in case you agreed to data handling or closed a contract with us.

In case you agreed to data handling you can withdraw from that agreement at any time.

You can lodge a complaint at your responsible regulation authority at any time. Your responsible regulation authority is determined by your country, your profession or the alleged violation of your privacy rights.

Purpose of data acquisition and handling by us or third parties

We only acquire and handle your personal data for the purposes named in this privacy policy declaration. A transfer of your personal data to third parties for other than the mentioned purposes does not take place. We only transfer your personal data to third parties if:

  • You explicitly agreed to the transfer/handling,
  • the transfer/handling is necessary to fulfill a contract with you,
  • the transfer/handling is necessary for fulfilling legal commitments,

the transfer/handlich is necessary for protection of authorized interests and there is no reason to believe that you have a predominant extended interest in not transferring/handling of you data.

Registration on our website

During registration for the usage of personalized features (knowledge base) we collect some personal data like name, address, contact data like phone number or email address. If your are registered you can access contents that are only available for registered users. Registered users have the possibility to change or delete their personal data anytime this might be necessary. In addition to that of course we inform you about all your personal data we stored at any time. Gladly we correct or delete the data according to your wish if there are no legal saving duties. Please use our contact data in that case.


If you registered for we will send you our newsletter from time to time by email.

For the receiving the newsletter your email address is sufficient. If you register for the newsletter your personal data is only used for this purpose. Subscribers can also be informed on circumstances that affect the registration or possibly new offers by email.

For an active registration we need a valid email address. The data is used exclusively for the newsletter transmission and is not transferred to third parties.

You can withdraw from the agreement on storing of you personal data and usage for the newsletter transmission at any time. You will find according instructions in any newsletter or you can contact us directly.

Usage of Google Maps

This website uses Google Maps API to visualize geographic information. When using Google Maps Google also collects, processes and uses data about usage of the map function by users. More information about the processed data by Google can be found at the Google privacy policy. You can also change your privacy settings there.

Detailed instructions on managing your data together with Google products can be found here.

Changing our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy declaration so that it always fits the legal requirements or to adapt it to new services. For your next visit the new privacy policy will be valid then.


If you have questions concerning our privacy policy please email or phone us.

This privacy policy declaration was generated with the help of the Privacy Policy Declaration Generator of the activeMind AG.